Darling! Do help yourself to sherry and a Mr Kipling iced mince pie (the best ones) and welcome to The Museum at Christmas


I wanted to do a new festive display with a few of my favourite things and how I dress up the flat for Christmas. It’s only since I moved here five years ago that I started really going for it with Christmas decorations, before that I would just home to June’s and let her take care of it all. What’s lovely is over that time I’ve built up quite the collection of baubles, disco balls and flamingos in Santa hats. It’s so gorgeous to unpack things you haven’t seen for a year and be thrilled by them all over again.

Apart from Adele, no one has the bank balance to buy everything at once so instead every year treat yourself to a little something to add to the collection. This year it was my Babycham baby reindeer and a Grayson Perry bauble, both from Blackout in Brighton. And of course no Christmas is complete without going to my favourite shop in London, We Built This City on Carnaby Street, where I bought a green laser cut out of the Queen. Because of course.

Decorations make brilliant presents for people. One year I bought personalised glitter baubles for all the girls from not on the high street, they were only about £5 each and every year I get messages to say they are hanging on the tree once again. This year darling Jules Von Hep bought me an Oliver Bonas flamingo, called Yules. Also my sweetheart Jon had quite the bargain in The Conran Shop and brought home two glitzy zig zag baubles for half price. I fell slightly more in love with him.

One of my big goals for 2018 is to finally get a sausage dog and call her Rita, so when I saw the last hot dog bauble in Paperchase, I couldn’t leave him there.

My best tips:

  • Buy Christmas decorations just before or just after Christmas, they’re usually in the sale and you can get something incredible for half the price
  • Keep your favourite Christmas cards each year and put them up again or thread smaller ones on to ribbon for the tree
  • Have baubles everywhere, in bowls and tea cups and plant pots
  • Put fairy lights all over your plants, they’ll love it
  • Tinsel is naff not kitsch. Use threaded pom poms instead.
  • Put your shabbiest home made decorations that you made when you were little in pride of place
  • Don’t just keep Christmas in your front room, bedrooms and bathrooms love it as well
  • Always use ribbon on presents, it will tart up anything
  • And finally, throughout decorating, never be without a sherry

Whether you go all out and your home becomes a grotto for the whole of December or you wrap a bit of tinsel around a branch, absolutely enjoy it. Christmas can be full on, I’m writing this to you from bed, in a onesie and I should definitely be wrapping more stuff, so just know you’re doing your best. Be kind, stay warm and have the most gorgeous time you can love.

Huge love and Happy Christmas xxox