Scarves, custard, leaves. I wrote about why I LOVE autumn for the brilliant Standard Issue Magazine. You can ready the whole thing right here, but here’s a little bit to get you started…

“What a lovely Indian summer we’re having!” I heard a lady say to her friend on the back of the sweltering 134 bus into town. I would have turned around to question her, but it was too hot and my stringy fringe was in my eyes.

No one told me we were getting a heatwave in SEPTEMBER so I was wearing jeans. JEANS. I fanned myself with a flyer about comfortable shoes for the over-60s and felt a single line of sweat drip down the middle of my back.

I’m not one for the summer. I’m a rollneck and a shepherd’s pie kind of girl. You can’t eat shepherd’s pie in the summer; instead you have to mess about with couscous and melon. Wine gets warm too quickly and you have to shove ice in it, turning it into a flat spritzer. I did actually once demonstrate a life hack on TV, which was to freeze grapes then add them to the wine, but I’m just not organised enough to freeze grapes.