So it was A Level Results this week and if you’re feeling like it was all rubbish and you don’t know if you want to go out tonight let alone go to university I have written a little something about what it was like to get my (awful) results and what a bloody dreadful time it can be. The good news is it will be FINE. Everything will work out because it always does.

I was honoured when We Are The City asked asked me about my experiences of university and getting my results. They are a website and community which supports women in their careers and their site is full of incredible stories and interviews with amazing women and covers loads of different jobs.

Here’s a little bit of my piece with them and you can read the whole thing right here love.

The day I got my A-Level results was bloody awful. I was the first year that they had changed from good old fashioned A-Levels to new fancy A2s and no one really knew what to expect. I got my worst case scenario and walked past happy girls posing for photos with their envelopes for the local paper. My conditional offer from Warwick was out of the question and I was put firmly in the direction of clearing.

I promise you everything will work out and will be glorious lovely, hang in there xxox