I am THRILLED, delighted, honoured, chuffed and made up to help announce The Smile Challenge with Tetley.

As you know I’m part woman part tea, so the opportunity to work with Tetley is divine. They have got together with Smile Train, who are an amazing international charity that provide completely free cleft repair surgery and after care to children in developing countries.  Children with clefts often have trouble eating and speaking and can’t go to school or get a job because of it. An operation to fix it take about 45 minutes, costs around £150 and absolutely transforms that child’s life. They literally create smiles, it’s amazing work.

So The Smile Challenge is that you and I watch hilarious videos on a special website created by Tetley. It has some ridiculously clever digital software that watches your face and knows every time you smile (SO clever) Your smiles add to the totaliser (LOVE a totaliser) and Tetley are going to donate money as it goes up. The goal is to get to 1 million smiles.


Even more clever is that there’s loads of playlists and the “realtime face and emotion tracking software” (incredible) knows if you’re not feeling one video in particular so offers you another one. If you’re not into wedding fails it might give you cute animals singing. This is an IDEAL tea break activity, especially if you know someone who’s feeling meh and needs to smile.

The two best things in the world are tea and laughing, and that’s a fact. If you’ve got a brew and someone makes you laugh it can change your day, I actually think on occasion it’s changed my life. So get on the website, match your face up with the super clever face finder thing and have some laughs. There’s also special packs of Tetley Everyday in the shops. Tea and laughing, I’m in love with it.