Welcome to A Brit Excellent, a small celebration of British brands, foods, people and places that I love. Every week I give a little nod to our humour, our quirkiness and all the excellent things we make.

I first came across Chatty Feet socks last Christmas on a late night browse on Not on The High Street. It was one of those fraught searches for something, anything to give Dad/ brothers for Christmas. I can’t remember why I didn’t but I can only assume I got distracted by a personalised cheese board and may even have been drunk at the time of online shopping.

I have always said that life is too short to wear black socks. They’re bleak and show up all the dust. I remember black school socks drying by the boiler, hanging like massive knackered slugs . Black socks and white socks, life is just too short to wear either all the time.

Gil and Humberto have taken it to a new level and created socks you can be friends with. Socks that look like faces and people and famous people. Apparently, it began one night a few years ago when someone asked, what if our socks could talk? They drew the a face with an excellent moustache in pen on a pair of white socks. Whereas most of us would wake up the next day with a banging head and say “remember last night when we started drawing on our socks?! I’m not drinking that spiced gin again…” the boys did something productive and created Chatty Feet.

unnamed edit

They took it to factories but no one was keen to make such little quantities, not even for the joy of socks. Eventually they found someone lovely who made their very first batch and the boys started selling them down the market. Obviously people loved them so they took it online to get socks to all. The first socks included a pirate, a criminal genius called Murdoc and the excellent “Professor Brian Sox.” There are now over 30 Chatty Feet designs, my personal favourite being “Kate Middletoe” and it never ceases to amaze me how much they do look like her.


They have just launch the Artist Sock Collection, which features Andy Sock-Hole, Feetasso, Frida Callus and Vincent Van Toe, amazing… and I’m someone who hates puns. They’ve even made it to the Tate Modern where they will be on sale because who wouldn’t want Frida on a sock? There’s also now ChattyPillows, which have excited me A LOT.

I love that they’re printed on both sides to give joy to the wearer and anyone looking over when you’ve got your feet up. You can also buy every design in kids sizes, which is super cute or super twee but either way I love it. They’re gorgeously soft and actually look like who they’re supposed to. There is nothing here not to love and life is too short not to have socks to chat to.