A few weeks ago I got a lovely message on instagram from a lady called Saundra. It was even more lovely because I didn’t know you could send private messages on instagram, sorry if you have sent me one and I haven’t replied. It’s idiocy rather than rudeness I promise. Saundra said she’s a fan of my radio show (day MADE) and she would like to make me a clutch bag. You can imagine my delight. I think I actually squealed.

Under the name of SoS15 and Fabulous Fripperies, Saundra makes all her bags by hand and they are amazing. Every one is smothered in glitter and it’s proper covering of glitter as well, not just an apologetic smattering. The first one I got excited about was a Star Wars R2-D2 glittery clutch, which is obscenely clever. She also does pop art eyes with big lashes and others with huge lips. She’ll make you one with your name on it or your postcode and has just done a commission for some peacock feathered bridesmaids clutches which are to die for. There are also branded bags and the Kit Kat one is just glorious.

Saundra is a graphic designer and following a big change in 2009 decided it was time for something new. She started creating and selling make up bags using vintage fabrics but then 6 months ago discovered the glitter. The wonderful glitter. The fabric is a bit card-like so she still uses all the scalpels, rulers and templates she’s had for years. The designs get played around on screen and she says she loves that a few hours later it’s turned into something you can hold.

My favourite thing is that Saundra says she shunned sewing and needlework at school because she felt it was anti- feminist. But after a few workshops and teaching herself the rest “through trial and much error” she was able to start making things, which is obscenely inspiring. She says she saw my lightening flash ring on instagram so designed my “flash” bag around that. I’ve got the first ever one but the excellent news is you can now buy them from her on notonthehighstreet store.

By day Saundra is a graphic designer and social media goddess and by night she makes amazing bags out of glitter. Sometimes for 5 or 6 hours a night.

“I mean the house is covered in glitter. Everywhere. The cats, me, my makeup brushes, the floors, the bedding.”

Which actually sounds like the dream.