If you’re a regular listener to Jules and Sarah the podcast, you’ll know how enriched your life is by it. You’ll also know that I have mice. Not personally, more in the house, where I live, so now they are kind of mine. Jules has taken to calling all of them Stuart Little and now I have as well. This is partly to fool myself into thinking there’s only one but also to laugh about it rather than thinking what they might or might not have crawled over. Stuart has become very cheeky. He’s been trotting through at all times of the day or night and watched I’m a Celeb with us the other night. Something has got to be done.

Several people, including my mother June, have said getting a cat is the only way. Someone else said the smell of a cat alone is enough but it seems odd to ask to borrow people’s cats so I’ve decided to get one. (An aside: June says cats frighten mice so much they actually have smaller litters which I love as a fact.)

I am quite picky though about the sort of cat I want.I don’t want a young lively one that will jump over the wall or will claw the sofa or chew up a cushion. But then I don’t want one that can’t be bothered to catch a mouse. I don’t really want one that’s going to moult everywhere. I want an old fat cat that will love me and catch Stuart and not run off.