When we were having the damp work done on the flat (all the glamour) it meant decamping elsewhere for 3 days. Consequently I couldn’t go to my usual Slimming World class and had to find another one for the week.

I found one round the back of someone’s flat, in fact I nearly walked into their flat and it was only the sight of their shoes on the step that stopped me going further. This alternative class was in a much smaller room than my usual one which was disconcerting as everyone in the queue heard everyone’s weight being called out and then had to pretend they didn’t. I had hoped to get in, get weighed and get out but the lady in front of me was rejoining and asking about pitta breads. This unreasonably irritated me, mainly because I was desperate to know if the sourdough pizza from Friday night had been my undoing.

I was a bit stroppy handing my card over when it was my turn. The girl behind the cash tin didn’t notice and looked up at me sunnily, “sorry to keep you waiting, oh my god I love your bag!! I haven’t seen one of those for years!” Well all was forgiven. “Thank you!” I beamed “they’re bringing them back you know.”

I’m a big fan of nostalgia. I don’t like HD TV, booking tables online or heating you control on your phone. I don’t like syncing calendars or Whatsapp. I like pens and ringing people and my filofax. Anything that takes me back to a simpler time of charge cards and writing letters and drinking Sunny Delight is wonderful to me.

When I first saw Play Purse on instagram (the only part of modern technology I enjoy) I nearly fainted. The delightful beaded coin purses from the 90s were back. The bright coloured nylon with the white cotton lining and little gold zips. Exactly like the one I took 20p out of to buy a tye dye shirt at a church jumble sale in 1998.

From a studio in Hackney, Play Purse have spent years researching the original designs and fabrics and have brought them back. And not only have the mega cute purses come back but also they’ve resized and updated them into clutch, crossbody and shoulder bags in every colour. The bigger ones are large enough for a iPad mini or a Kindle and I keep all my cross stitch bits in my pink one, which makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. My favourite thing is all of the purses are hand finished so each one is ever so slightly different and unique. Nostalgic and handmade? I’ve peaked.

Every time I take out one of my Play Purse clutch bags or the darling little purse, someone tells me they used to have one when they were little. They are iconic because everyone really did have one of the beaded coin purses for their spends or dinner money. The feel of the little rice beads takes you right back to standing in the queue to buy Opal Fruits or a bag of Millions. And I’m utterly in love with it.